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Happy Hands Holiday Kit

Happy Hands Holiday Kit

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The Happy Hands Holiday Kit is a great 2020 gift for all those over sanitized dry hands.  This contains a full size sugar scrub and Moroccan hand cream of your choice as well as a manicure kit to finish the job.  This comes in a ready to give gift box and bow. Every Happy Hands Gift Pack comes with our all natural, paraben free, sugar scrub and hand cream.  

This is a great gift items that contains one of our luxurious sugar scrubs and matching hand cream. The gift comes packaged with a bow and ready for gift giving.

Our sugar scrub is an amazing exfoliate. Exfoliation is an essential step in your skin care regimen, loosens and removes dead skin cells with natural alpha hydroxyl acids that encourage new skin cell growth, leaving behind a fresh, soft glow.

Our hand cream was originally created for men working in the Texas oil fields. The cream was created to protect their hands, but dry quickly so they could resume work. Since then we have modified our hand cream for everyone in a variety of fragrances. This hand cream is thicker than our body lotion and is designed to leave your hands moisturized and not oily. It soaks in fast so you can resume your daily tasks. 

It is packed with Moroccan Oil, Argon Oils and Shea Butter. The Moroccan and Argon oils contain anti toxicant properties that reduce inflammation and help to heal burning and cracked skin. The Vitamin E and Fatty acids in the oil helps to heal severe cases of dry skin and is especially helpful in people with extreme dry skin situations such as eczema. 

Customer Recommended for:

  • Eczema
  • Severe Dry Skin
  • Cracked Skin
  • Men with Dry, Rough Skin from Work
  • Those Who Wash Their Hands Frequently Throughout the Day